Anderson Speedway/Little 500

anderson speedway
Attemdamce 10,100

Unveiled May 26th, 2018

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Anderson Speedway was built in 1948 by legendary promoter Joe Helpling. It was two Anderson Councilmen that suggested Helping build a racetrack INSTEAD of a bowling ally.  In 1948, Sun Valley Speedway (as it was originally known) officially opened for competition. The Roaring Roadsters and AAA Midgets among the race events hosted at the track

Little 500 Hall of Fame Inductees

1991 Tom Cherry
  Howard Hall
  Joe Helping
1992 Darl Harrison
  Bob Hopkins
  Hoy Stevens
1993 Wayne Alspaugh
  Dick Gaines
  Johnny White
  Ennis "Dizz" Wilson
1994 Ronnie Duman
  Marlin "Red" Renner
  Sam Skinner
1995 Bob Frey
  Glen Niebel
  Harold "Dutch" Hurst
1996 Jeff Bloom
  Bob King
  Frank Riddle
1997 Stan Butler
  Bob Byrne
  Lyle Roberts
  Robert Smith
1998 Jim Childers
  Karl Kinser
  Bentley Warren
1999 Ralph Broadwater
  Marvin Carman
  Rex Robbins
  Dave Scarborough
2000 Larry Contos
  Bob Sherman
  Butch Wilkeson
2001 Bobby Black
  Buzz Gregory
  Benny Rapp
  George Rudolph Jr.
2002 Dixie Contos
  Bill Roynon
  Frank Bellairs
2003 Arnie Knepper
  Bob Seelman
  Harold Wirtjes
  Frank Bellairs
2004 Arthur Braithwaite
  Jack French
  John Hellis
  Bob Kinser
2005 Jim McElreath
  Red Amick
  Dave Argabright
2006 Jack Nowling
  Hack Winningear
  Pat Hellis
2007 Ed Angle
  Rollie Beale
  Jerry Richert
  Butch Dowker
  Dave Durnwald
  Chet Fillip
2008 Clarence Miller
  Carl Reynolds
  Walt Straber
  Denny Adams
  Ken de la Bastide
  Eric Gordon
2009 Johnny Auxter
  Karl Busson
  Clare Lawicki
  Tony Elliott
  Tracy House
  Brian Tyler
2010 G.E. Wood
  Ray Wright
  Tom York
  Donnie Adams
  Gary Fedewa
  Gene Nolen
2011 Bob Cleberg
  Larry Dickson
  Dick Good
  Max Dowker
  Jason McCord
  Steve Remington
  Wayne Reuittman
2012 Finley Lane
  Bob Luscomb
  Joe Conroy
  Mike Blake
2013 Tom Schemmer
  Al Sweeney
  Mac Steele
  Lloyd Shores
2014 Pete Allen
  Butch Brooks
  Dave Steele
  Tom Stenger
2015 Mike Bowman
  Rick Dawson
  Max Dolder
  Denny England
2016 Shane Cottle
  Cy Fairchild
  Becky Robbins
2017 Don Mack
  Urbie Durnwald
  Kenny Wright
2018 Bob East
  Sam Brooks
  David Harrison
2019 Bob Gratton
  Tony Nosal
  Jerry Stuckey
2020 Dick Fuller
  Jason Goacher
  Mark "Moe" McKeague
2021 Brian Gerster
  Danny Smith
  Bill Tyler
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